Beanstalk makes saving for your children simple

Claim £10 Family Lowdown offer*

Capital at risk

Beanstalk makes saving for your children simple

Capital at risk

Save with our award winning Stocks & Shares Junior ISA

Open an account in minutes 

Open accounts for your children from the app. No trips to the bank needed.

No minimum contributions

With no payment commitments required, it's flexible to your finances. Top up the account when you want.

Tools to help your save more

Earn rewards from top retailers, round up your purchases and easy gifting for family and friends.

Register for the £10 Family Lowdown offer

Open a funded Beanstalk Junior ISA for your child and receive a £10 boost from us! (*T&Cs apply).

Capital at risk. Your email will be used to record your registration for the offer and to send information on Beanstalk. You can opt out of email through a link in the emails. *View offer T&Cs here.

"I downloaded the Beanstalk app, created an account using my email and opened up Stocks & Shares Junior ISAs for each of my kids in minutes from my phone. It’s easy and convenient!"

- Claire Balkind (Family Lowdown Founder and mum to 3)

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What is Beanstalk?

Beanstalk is a super simple app that helps you save & invest for you and your children.  

Is it any good?

We won best Stocks & Shares Junior ISA 2022 from the Good Money Guide and are shortlisted for Moneyfacts Consumer's Choice awards 2023. We're also rated excellent on Trustpilot and rated 4.2* on the PlayStore and 4.5* on the AppStore.  

Stocks & Shares Junior ISA - that sounds complicated, is it?

No - we've made Beanstalk simple to use. As parents ourselves we saw how difficult it was to open a Junior ISA so we built Beanstalk to be easy. It takes a couple of minutes to register on the app and open your children’s accounts.

Why Stocks & Shares and why a Junior ISA?

Many people choose stocks & shares when saving over longer periods as growth can compensate for the ups and downs. For example, over 50 years UK Shares returned over four times more than cash (Source: Barclays Equity Gilt Study 2016). Junior and Adult ISAs mean returns are tax free – so more is saved for you and your kids.  

Do I have to pick shares then?

No – we offer 2 funds which you can choose from using our unique slider tool: a cash fund (Legal & General Cash Trust fund) which aims to provide returns in line with money market rates and a shares fund (Fidelity Global Index fund) which aims to track the performance of global stock markets and therefore large companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Johnson & Johnson.  

What does it cost?

The Beanstalk app is free to download and use. Our only charge is an annual fee of 0.5% on the value of any investments, one of the lowest around. (The low cost funds we offer have their own management fees of between 0.12% and 0.15% included).  

Do I have to make a regular contribution?

No - Beanstalk doesn’t require a monthly contribution - you can set one up if you wish but you’re not forced to and if you do you can reduce or pause it at any time. We’ve built some clever tools to help you save little & often such as rounding up your spare change, collecting money back when shopping at partner retailers including up to 5% from Tesco Online, up to 10% from Sainsbury’s Groceries Online and many more. Family and friends can easily contribute too and you can invite grandparents, or others through the app and they will be linked to your children’s accounts and be able to contribute.  

Who is behind Beanstalk?

Beanstalk is the newest member of the KidStart family. KidStart is the shopping club for parents that has been helping families save for their children for over 12 years and has helped thousands of families save millions for their little ones.  

We've helped thousands of families save millions for their kids

Award-winning Junior ISA

Voted Best Junior Investment ISA at the Good Money Guide Awards 2022.

A trusted name in children's savings

Launched by the team behind KidStart. We have been helping families save for their children for over 12 years.

Rated excellent on Trustpilot

Not only that, we have over 4 stars on both the App Store and Play Store.

Regulated and secure

Beanstalk is authorised and regulated by the FCA and is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to £85,000 per person for claims relating to investment products.

Offer T&Cs

• To receive the bonus, you must register on the Beanstalk app using the same email address entered on this page, and open a Junior ISA for your child or Junior ISAs for your children if you have more than one.

• Junior ISA must be a genuine new (ie: not pre-existing) account on Beanstalk where all application checks are passed. 

• Bonus will be paid into any Junior ISA that is funded (ie: has received contribution or transfer in) by March 31st 2023. Funding can come from any of Beanstalk tools (Top Up, Regular Contribution, Round Ups, cashback via KidStart) or a transfer in of an existing Junior ISA / Child Trust Fund.

• Bonuses will be added to the account during April 2023.

• If the Junior ISA is cancelled within 30 days or transferred within 3 months of opening, an account closing fee of £10 may be charged.

• We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.